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“Hey everybody, Mike Iaconelli back answering more social media.

Bass Fishing Tip #1- “We have got a great question from James who asks, when nothing else seems to work what is your go-to technique for finicky bass?

Man, what a great question James. I’m going to have to say my go-to technique is finesse fishing, but in particular a shaky head. Over the years I have caught more bass under more conditions, especially tough conditions on a shaky head than any other lure. Shaky head fishing for me puts the lure in places any other bait can go, a jig a spinner bait, a crank bait, it does it in a way where the lure has a unique motion on the fall and then on the bottom with that tail sticking up and I am able to just twitch it, it really enacts a lot of strikes. One of the keys to me with the shaky head is to use a straight tail worm and the worm that has a flat- bottom and I always want to flat bottom that worm facing down. About fifty percent of my strikes will come on the fall, the other half is going to come on the bottom as I am shaking that rod. Another key tactic in shaky head for me, throw it where you throw any other lure, throw it in the cover, in the brush, under the dock, throw it right in the stuff just like you would any other bait. If you get into a tough situation, if you can’t catch them on anything else, try a shaky head and I promise you you’re going to get a couple of bites on it.”

Bass Fishing Tip #2- “And we have got a question from Mike and it is a really good question and I get this question a lot. And his question is, how long do you stay in a spot before you leave? Man that is such a great question and I used to struggle with that but I have got a theory now that I have developed on the right time to start making moves in an area and I call it the hour rule. And basically Mike what it is is, if you get to your spot and you have confidence still there and if in an hour, one hour you haven’t got a bite, you need to make a change. My first change after that hour is usually changing baits or changing a little bit in that area, going a little shallower or a little deeper and then I will do it again for another hour. And if in that next hour I don’t get a bite, I need to make another change and that is usually a move to a different area. But use that hour rule, if in sixty minutes you don’t have a bite, if nothing is happening, it is time to make a change in that area or it is time to leave and go to another spot. Great question Mike, stay an hour, if you don’t get bit, take off.”

Bass Fishing Tip #3- “And we have got a great question from Mark here and he wants to know when you’re catching all small fish what is the best way to catch a big one or catch a kicker? Man that’s a great question and I am in that position a lot. And I’m going to give you two different methods that I use to catch a big fish when everything is small. And the first one is something you have probably heard already, which is called a big bait big bass theory. If I am in an area and all the fish I am catching are a pound, two pounds they’re all the same size, a lot of times I will up size my bait, I will go to a really big lure, I will go to a ten or a twelve inch worm, I will go to a big swim bait, I will go to a jig with a mop skirt, that’s a real big presentation. It is a true rule of thumb, the bigger the bait, the bigger the bass you’re going to catch. So that is the first thing I do. The second thing I do to catch big ones is a rule that I have which is called deeper or thicker; and all that means is that a lot of times the biggest bass in an area will live in a little bit deeper water then what you are fishing, or they are going to be thicker in the cover where you are fishing. So if I am flipping a weed edge on the outside and I am catching all two pounders, I am going to take a punch bait and I’m going to flip in the thickest part of the interior of that weed bed, that is where those big ones live. Same thing if your fishing out on a point, if I’m catching fish in ten or twelve foot of water and they are all two pounders, I’m going to put a deeper diving crank bait on or a Carolina rig and I’m going to go out to fifteen to twenty foot of water behind where I have been catching them and that is where those big ones are going to be. Great question, if you are looking for a big fish, use a bigger bait, go deeper or thicker and you’re going to get that kicker bite.”

-Transcipt from Youtube Channel Mike Iaconelli Bass Fishing

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