Learn How To Catch Mackerel Like A Pro With “FishCrack Series” Trolling Lures From ConservOcean

Learn How To Catch Mackerel Like A Pro With "FishCrack Series" Trolling Lures From ConservOcean

The secret to learning how to catch mackerel like a pro lies in knowing which lures work and how to present them properly. Whether it is king mackerel, spanish mackerel, or cero mackerel, all of these species tend to exhibit very similar feeding behavior. Using the right trolling lure will help you to become a very productive mackerel fishing expert. Here are some tips on how to catch mackerel using the new “Fishcrack Series” Trolling Lures:

Best Mackerel Lure:  1/2 Ounce Pink “Fishcrack Series Trolling Lure

Best Lures For Barracuda: "Fishcrack Series" Pink Trolling Lure By Conservocean, Inc.(Pink) 1/2 Ounce Trolling Lure

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These trolling lures are designed specifically with mackerel in mind. They offer durable synthetic hair skirt material, epoxy glitter heads, holographic eyes, and a sleek hand-dipped bullet shaped head for minimal resistance when trolling. Pink is the go-to color for expert mackerel fishermen, and this lure is decked out in pink from top to bottom. This trolling lure should be fished in front of a 7/0 hook, and can be especially effective when trolled underneath the surface with a planer or down rigger. Learning how to catch mackerel takes patience, but begin experimenting with this lure and you will get dialed in on those feisty ‘macks!