HD Video: TrollPro 3 GoPro Housing Captures Footage Of Barracuda Eating Bonito

Troll Pro 3 Underwater gopro housingFishCrack recently had the chance to test out the new TrollPro 3 Trolling Housing with the Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition Camera around the waters of Palm Beach County, Florida, on February 9, 2013. The fishing was slow during our initial test, but within a half hour we had barracudas swarming our live bonito 12 ft behind the GoPro 3. One of the cudas swallows the Bonito whole and gets hooked while the camera is rolling. Not only that, there were nearly a dozen cudas, two goliath grouper, one black grouper, and a big amberjack rising from the shipwreck to investigate the acttion. Based on our initial test I think we have an amazing product here. FishCrack can’t wait to get the TrollPro 3 Trolling Housing back in the water to film the next adventure! The GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition is amazing, offering 4 different HD settings from 720p-4Kp(Cinema Quality). Watch the Video and you will see…

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