New IGFA Fishing App For Iphone: World Records, Rules, Species Identification And Much More

iPhone Fishing App New IGFA Fishing App For iPhone

IGFA Fishing App For iPhone

The new IGFA app is one of the best fishing apps for the iPhone in 2013. All of the features of the International Gamefish Association’s website are available at your fingertips. Key features include the most extensive list ¬†fishing world records, fish species identification, IGFA rules, and countless other types of fishing information. This fishing app for iPhone is a must have for the serious fisherman.

App Store Price: $8.99

New IGFA Fishing App For iPhoneFishing Log- Have you ever wanted to keep track of your catches in a log, but it is too much of a pain in the ass to write down all the information out on the water? IGFA has solved this problem with their new fishing iPhone app. Simply take a picture of a fish with your iPhone using the IGFA app and then you can enter any details or notes about that specific fish. The fishing app will then use the iPhones built in GPS to record and log the location of the catch for future reference. This feature alone makes this iPhone fishing App worth buying. You now have the world’s most powerful fishing log at the palm of your hands.

Fish Species Identification- The new IGFA fishing app for iPhone has an extensive database of gamefish species that includes detailed drawings and descriptions of all your favorite fish. Not only will this feature help you identify species that you catch out on the water, it will also give you detailed information on geographic range, behaviors, and other important information regarding that particular species. Every species eligible for international game fish association world records can be found on this fishing app for iPhone.

Fishing Goal Sheet- One of the most interesting features in the IGFA app for iPhone is the ability to track your personal record catches for each species. The app keeps track of previous catches and gives you goals to accomplish in catching even bigger fish of that particular species. The fishing app for iPhone also tracks your progress toward’s IGFA’s different weight and slam clubs. This is a great feature for fishermen looking to accomplish great feats in the world of sport fishing.

New IGFA Fishing App For iPhoneFind IGFA Fishing Guides And Weigh Stations- The new IGFA app has a section that includes a list of every IGFA certified fishing guide in the world. So now you can find the best fishing guides when you are traveling and be sure of their accreditation based on the fact they are certified by the IGFA. The International Game Fishing Association app also allows you to locate any of the IGFA certified weigh stations located around the world. This way, if you ever catch a potential record, you will know exactly where the closest weigh station is to record your catch. This can be very helpful, and makes this one of the best fishing apps for 2013.

Fishing Trip Checklist- This feature is meant to help with one of the most important aspects of fishing-preparation! Create a checklist of necessary tasks and equipment to check before every trip. This will eliminate forgotten items and botched preparation before your fishing trips. This feature makes this a must have fishing app for all anglers, whether they are offshore slayers or freshwater bass masters.

IGFA Rules- The International Game Fish Association rules are the most important aspect within the pursuit of world record fish. Knowing these rules could mean the difference between setting a record or going home disappointed. The new IGFA app puts these rules in the palm of your hand and at your fingertips when you are out on the water. Never second guess yourself again!

IGFA World Records- The complete list of all IGFA world records is in this new fishing app as well. Whether you are looking for line class records, all tackle world records, junior world records, etc.., this is the only place you can find them at your fingertips while out on the water. The list includes all of the IGFA records.

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New IGFA Fishing App For iPhone New IGFA Fishing App For iPhone New IGFA Fishing App For iPhone