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Download The Flick Fishing App For iPhone / Read Reviews, Hints, Cheats

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The Flick fishing game is one of the best fishing games available online or for your mobile phone. For years now, this iphone app fishing game has gained a reputation as one of the most realistic and fun fishing games available for download online. There are plenty of new fishing games out there that try to mimic the realistic graphics and game play of flick fishing, but none can compare to what Flick has to offer. Unlike other sea fishing games, there is a unique feel to flick fishing that makes it so realistic you will think you are out on the water. Of all the fishing games online, Flick fishing blows them all away.

Target world class big game species such as blue marlin when you fish the offshore waters in the Flick fishing app. The screen will display a realistic image of the gamefish that is caught, and the graphics are very impressive in this Flick fish game. These stellar graphics make it one of the best fishing games available in the App Store. Fishing in this game is so realistic!

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How To Catch The Biggest Fish in Flick Fishing

Here is a list of each area and the best way to catch fish while fishing there:

The Old Pond- Use bait fish and cast between 25 and 30 feet out to catch Old Mog. To catch Tiddles, use maggots and cast 30 feet exactly.

Lake Shiny- To catch Fat Bob, use a lure and cast between 70 and 90 feet. To catch wiggler, use bait fish and cast between 85 and 90 ft.

Night Fishing- To catch Carpo Marx, use lunch meat and cast out as far as you can.

By the River- To catch Gums, cast between 70 and 80 ft with bait fish in flick fishing. To catch George, cast 85 to 90 feet with a spinner.

Breakwater- To catch Big Red, cast 120 ft with bait fish. To catch Hoff, cast 120 feet with a worm.

Blue Deeps and Blue Deeper- To catch Hank Marlin, use a lure and cast 120 ft. To catch Buckles, cast between 200 and 210 feet with squid.

Waves of Doom- To catch Smiling Ingo, use squid and cast as far as you can.

Private Beach- To catch Bazzacuda, use baitfish and cast 210 feet.

Shipwreck Shores- To catch Dread Bob, cast 160 ft with baitfish.

Nobeard’s Cave- To catch “Cocky”, cast about 45 to 50 feet using a rag worm.

Cheats For Flick Fishing

One of the best cheats we have found for the Flick fishing app allows you to battle monster fish with the advantage of having zero tension on the line as well as zero strength of the fish. First you need to go to the area that you would like to fish. Cast out your bait like you normally would do when targeting the fish in flick fishing. When a fish bites your bait, swiftly choose the “Change Location” option in the Pause menu. The next step is to select the old pond. Next you will want to cast out your bait in the new area, and the same fish will be on the line from your previous fishing spot. This is a great way to get monster fish when you are struggling with the normal game play