The Best Crankbait Colors
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“Hi everybody, Mike Iaconelli here. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about crankbait colors and I want to talk to you about four of the new Ike’s custom ink colors from Rapala. When we were putting these custom ink colors together they all had the same theory, we wanted a bait that was muted down a little bit, it was faded, its general brightness was faded down. We wanted to add a real fine metal flake to these baits to imitate scales of a natural bait fish and we wanted to put a little bit of a natural sheen on there, a shine, like things in the environment that are alive have, and all these baits have this.”

The Best Crankbait Colors for Stained Water

“Let’s look at the four colors that I designed last year and I want to talk to you just a little bit about when I am using these kind of baits. The first one and this is the one I am most excited about, is a color called bruised and if you look at it, it is a black and blue crankbait. As a lot of you guys know black and blue in a jig, in a vibration jig in a spinner bait has been a great color combination for years. But finding it in a crankbait has been really tough. This color for me is great in stained to dirty water, it is great in places where crawfish or crabs live, that blue is a really natural crab or crawfish color and then it is awesome during low light periods. If you fish early in the morning, late at night or even at night, that is a great color.”

The Best Crankbait Colors During a Crawfish Bite

“The next one is really a standby color for me and this new one is called mule and if you look at in mule, it is basically a crawfish pattern that is really toned down and faded. The browns and the golds are really brought down. If you look at it, it has got that pale orange belly on it, which is real key and that fine gold metal flake in the finish. And quite honestly this is the bait I am going to throw when it is a crawfish bite. When those bastards eating crawfish especially in the spring, tremendous bait around rocky banks, gravel banks; and if you live in the Ozarks, you have got to get this color.”

The Best Crankbait Colors Around Schools Of Shad

“Next one is another staple color and it is a color that we call rasta.  And if you look at the rasta, it is a variation of an old candy apple color that has been around forever. It is a greenback chartreuse sides, orange belly. But once again, because it is Ike’s custom ink color it is faded down, it is muted down a little bit. And rasta for me is a bait that I am going to throw in stained water, dirty water, but it is a bait I am going to throw when you have a lot of shad in the water.Even though it’s not exactly shad color, in that stained to dirty water that color really pops and looks like a shad in that dirtier water, that orange light orange belly. Another key to this bait a lot of forest species when they are kind of dying, when there is something wrong with them, they exhibit a little bit of a pale orange in them and that is the color that really triggers a bite.”

The Best Crankbait Colors In Clear Water And Super Muddy Water

“The last one and this is a really cool color and this is a bait that we call girlfriend and girlfriend to me is the bait that I throw in super super muddy water, or super super clear water. And I am going to explain both. In super muddy water, I don’t think there’s any other color combination that sticks out as much as orange and chartreuse and that is the exact color we have here with that bar pattern across the top, they can pick up on it in that really dirty water. The other extreme is super clear water and in super clear water what I like to do with this bait is I burn it, I burn it real fast especially for a small mouse or spotted bass, it is a killer and it comes through the water so fast and it is so bright that they pick up on it from a long ways away and they want to come and attack it.”

 “Check out these Ike’s custom ink colors, try some of these new colors in those situations and I guarantee you you are going to catch more fish.”

Transcription from Youtube Account: Mike Iaconelli Bass Fishing

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