Wholesale Bonito Strips For Sale (5 Packs And Bulk Orders For Pickup In South Florida)

We offer the freshest bonito strips for sale in South Florida at wholesale prices. Every bonito belly strip that we sell is hand cut and salt cured by the most experienced local charter captains. We sell these strips directly to our customers at prices that cannot be beat. Our super low prices on high quality bonito strip baits have set new standards in the South Florida bait industry. The reason our prices are so low is because we sell our bonito strips directly to the customer without any distribution costs or third party sales.


bonita belly stripThe benefits of using bonito strips for bait: The belly strips cut from a bonito are regarded by charter captains and professional offshore anglers as the best bait for trolling for species such as mahi mahi (dolphin), wahoo, sailfish, tuna, king mackerel (kingfish), marlin, grouper, barracuda, and more. A fresh belly strip can be used in conjunction with many different types of lures, such as jet heads, poppers, bubblers, feathers, sea witches, dusters, and more. When trolled in conjunction with lures, they are most effective to mimic baitfish while trolling them at 2 to 8 knots. Here is a species breakdown and how strips can work for different kinds of fish.

Trolling with bonito strips for Wahoo: Trolling with bonito strips for Wahoo: Wahoo or Ono are one of the most sought after gamefish around the world, and it is no secret that one of their favorite natural foods is bonito. Bonito strips are one of the most effective wahoo baits available. The best way to catch wahoo with bonito strips is by trolling them in conjunction with a sea witch or jet head lure under the surface of the water. The best trolling speed for wahoo with bonito strips is between 6 and 8 knots. You can keep the belly strip baits tracking under the surface by attaching them to a shock leader behind a planer or trolling lead. If you are looking to catch a big wahoo, you need to purchase our wholesale bonito strips for sale before your next offshore fishing trip.

Trolling with bonito strips for Dolphin:Trolling With Bonito Strips For Mahi Mahi (Dolphin): This species of gamefish will gobble up one of our fresh belly baits with reckless abandon. The best way to catch dolphin with bonito strips is by trolling them in conjunction with cup faced lures or squid skirts that can skip along the surface of the water. These lures have a design that sheds off sargassum weed easily, which can be very important in areas where dolphins like to feed around weedlines. Optimum trolling speed with bonito strips for mahi mahi is from 2 to 8 knots. Troll them faster in areas where more weeds are present.

Trolling With Bonito Strips For SailfishTrolling With Bonito Strips For Sailfish: In South Florida, experienced charter captains will tell you that a large percentage of sailfish caught while trolling fell victim to bonito strips. When trolled at slow speeds with a squid skirt or sea witch above or below the surface of the water, the alluring action of our fresh bonito belly baits will attract a sailfish from up to a hundred yards away. Once the sailfish grabs one of our wholesale bonito baits for sale, it will not let go. The savory flavor of the bonito flesh keeps the sailfish holding on long enough to get a good hook set.

Trolling With Bonito Strips For TunaTrolling With Bonito Strips For Tuna: When targeting tuna species, the best way to troll with a bonito strip is in conjunction with a squid skirt trolled along the surface of the water. The further behind the boat the better, with most tuna bites coming at least 100 yards behind the transom of the boat at trolling speeds of 4 to 8 knots. Purple/ black and blue/ white make up the best color combinations for skirts fished in front of our bonito strips. Pick up some of our wholesale bonito strips for sale today and you will become a tuna killer!

Trolling With Bonito Strips For King MackerelTrolling With Bonito Strips For King Mackerel: Kingfish are undoubtedly one of the most sought after species of fish by fishermen around the Atlantic And Gulf coasts of the US. The absolute best bonito belly strip rig for kingfish is when it is fished behind a sea witch lure skirt deep below the surface. When fished behind a planer or downrigger with a long shock leader at 2 to 6 knots, a bonito strip is deadly for attracting big kingfish. When the kings are being finicky, try using monofilament leader with double hooks into the belly strip. You can pick up wholesale bonito strips for sale to catch kingfish from our Boynton Beach location.

Trolling With Bonito Strips For GrouperTrolling With Bonito Strips For Grouper: Many people have no idea how effective bonito strips can be as a grouper bait. During the Winter time when groupers congregate around shallow reefs close to shore, many savvy captains target them by trolling bonito strips behind down riggers or planers around the reefs where they are holding. A fresh bonito strip will not be passed up by a grouper as it passes by the reef. Black groupers are especially fond of bonito strip trolling baits. You can purchase our wholesale bonito strips for sale at our Boynton Beach, FL location.

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